This Sable Male German Shepherd Service Dog has completed two assignments. He has been utilized for ESAN, mobility, companionship, retrieving items, holding items, and other service GSD tasks. He was returned due to his owner’s illness/level of care.

He gets along with cats, other dogs (small and large), and children. He was raised around children. He rides well in the car, and has been out in the community. With guidance/instruction, he will walk on your left or right side (whichever you need). He walks gentle on his leash always checking your pace.

He loves to be brushed and groomed. He does best with an air groomer. You can read about air grooming dogs on my education site. It is Just type “Dog Air Grooming” in Searchbox. He is on NuVet Plus and NuVet Double Joint Plus supplements for prevention. You can read about NuVet supplementation at Or go to my education site and type “NuVet” in Searchbox.

He is on Victor kibble to ensure excellent service dog performance nutrition. You can go to my education site and type “What Kibble Do I Use” in Searchbox.

He is very affectionate and attentive. Due to his age. price is negotiable. We are asking $1500.

Placement outside our immediate area requires planning and discussion. If you are interested in this Service GSD please send me an email at [email protected]

Thank you for reading this information all the way through. We value those who are interested in both the GSD and his care needs.